You can filter the list of players you will export to excel. This way, you only export the sanctioned players you want.


Go to Player Sanctions. (Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Player Sanctions.)

Click on the Excel icon to export.

Tip: You can use the Magnifying glass to filter:

Click on the Magnifying glass, write what you are searching for in the Search Here box in the proper column and Enter.


To get a list of players that are sanctioned only. Type in 1 in the Is Sanctioned column and Enter.

1 being Is Sanctioned, 0 being not sanctioned.


For dates or numbers, you can do bigger or smaller then... to narrow down your search.

(ex: >=12/02/2018 Which means anything Bigger or equal then December 2nd 2018)

This will pull out players that are sanctioned after a specific date.