You can filter the list of players you will export to excel. This way, you only export the sanctioned players you want.


Go to Player Sanctions. (Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Player Sanctions.)

Click on the Excel icon to export.

Tip: You can use the Magnifying glass to filter:

Click on the Magnifying glass, write what you are searching for in the Search Here box in the proper column and Enter.


To get a list of players that are sanctioned only. Type in 1 in the Is Sanctioned column and Enter.

1 being Is Sanctioned, 0 being not sanctioned.


For dates or numbers, you can do bigger or smaller then... to narrow down your search.

(ex: >=12/02/2018 Which means anything Bigger or equal then December 2nd 2018)

This will pull out players that are sanctioned after a specific date.

Once you export your sanctions, you can communicate with your association directly to see the preferred steps to take.

Some associations, want to receive the spreadsheet via email. Some want to receive the information along with a check/money for the sanctions. CompuSport provides the information needed to send to the Association, but does not choose how the Association wants to receive the information.