How to Generate a League Schedule

This Step by Step also available as a video.

Set Up Check List:

1. Create your bars (Menu > Manage > Locations/Surfaces > Building/Bars)

    How to create bars?

2. Create tables for each bar (Menu > Manage > Locations/Surfaces >Tables)

    How to add or remove tables, boards or surfaces?

3. Create your Divisions (Menu > Manage >Divisions > Divisions)

    How to create your division?

4. Create your teams (Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Teams) and link them with a default location (home bar).

    How to create teams?

5. Create a Round-Robin (Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Round-Robin)

How to Create a Round-Robin for leagues?

You are now ready to Generate a Schedule:

Go to (Manage > Schedules/Charts > Surfaces Scheduler or Calendar)

What is the Surface Scheduler

Step 1 Click on « Generate schedules »

Step 2 Click on Add Schedule Group: name this group as the day of the week or the name of the league. For example: Monday League or Sweetwater County League.

***Generate a schedule for all the leagues that are the same night as the system will be able to process the sharing of the bars between the leagues. If not done at the same time, the system can't detect what is in another schedule when generating.

Step 3 Click on Options > Round-Robin to select each Round-Robin (division) playing on this night.

Step 4 Add the dates you want to schedule by clicking on Options > Recurring Dates > Add Recurring Dates.

  1. Choose the first date of your schedule
  2. Choose the last date of your schedule
  3. Choose the time your matches will start
  4. Type in the match duration
  5. Choose the day of the week
  6. OK.

Step 5 Reserve Positioning Nights and/or Holidays

What is a Reserved date?

* If the leagues have the same reserved dates, Choose Round-Robin: ALL.

**If they have different reserved dates, choose each Round-Robin and select the dates you need.

  1. Choose ALL or a specific League (Round-Robin)
  2. Select the date you want to reserve. 
  3. Click the Pencil to edit. 
  4. Check the Reserve checkbox. Write a comment that will show on the schedule.
  5. Save.

Once all reserved dates are entered. Close!


Step 6 To generate a schedule click on Options > Generate.

    A. By default the system will give this schedule group the date/time. This is to help tell the difference between two schedule attempts. So basically, don't touch it!!!

    B. Choose if you want to use All Dates or Complete Iterations

    C. OK

All Dates or Complete Iterations

    The system is getting everyone to play each other once before scheduling them to play each other again.

ALL DATES: Means that the system will schedule all the dates you made available even if the teams don't play each other the same amount of times. It will play everyone once and restart again until no more dates are available.

COMPLETE INTERATIONS: One full interation is when all the teams can play against the other teams once. 2 iterations means they can all play each other twice, etc.

1/7rnd means that the system can get the teams to play each other once in 7 weeks. Even if you have more dates available. You only want them playing an even amount of times and not schedule the rest.

In the example above:

League 1 and 2 you made 22 dates available to schedule. The system detects that to play an equal amount of times it only needs 21 weeks to play everyone 3 times. 3/21.

League 3 has 27 weeks available to schedule and that is perfect as they can play each other 3 times in 27 weeks.

It is important to make a decision for league 1 & 2 as choosing All dates will get them to play each other3 times plus extra games.

League 3 will get the same results wether you choose All dates or Complete Iteration.

To view the Attempt:

What is an Attempt?

Step 7 Click on Attempt Options:

You have different choices here. 

  • Do you want to look at the PDF schedules?
  • Do you want to See schedule (Which will show you on the calendar or surfaces scheduler)
  • Do you want to look at the Scheduling Statistics.

If you want to try generating a second attempt, click on the main Option for that group and click on Generate.

If all is good, Click on Accept Attempt.

Click here to learn How to make a change to the existing schedule?