To make someone a floating spare:

Go to Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Players:

1. Select the division

2. Add the player by typing his full name in the Search & Add a player box if not already added.

3. Select the player by clicking on him.

4. Click on the division on the right of the page. (See image below)

5. Click on the Pencil. And check the floating spare box.


5. Check the Floating Spare box directly in the grid. (see image below)

6. Save.

*If you select the player, and nothing shows up in the division section (on the right) click on Add to a Division to add him to that division, then follow the steps above.

*If the player was already put on a team roster. You will want to remove him from the team.

How do I remove a player from a team roster?

What is a floating spare?

Players can also add themselves as Floating Spares directly on the app.

On the app, search for the league (if not already in it)

Click on the Schedule icon at the bottom of the screen.

Choose All Schedules.

Choose the Division you need.

Scroll down to a section called Floating Spares.

Add myself as a floating spare.