If you want to add or remove tables/boards/surfaces to your event,

Go to (Menu > Manage > Locations/Surfaces > Tables/Boards or Surfaces)

2 Options to ADD surfaces:

A. Add Many Surfaces (batch) is to add 2 or more tables at a time.

        1. Choose the Location this surface is in.

        2. Choose the surface type (Single Surface is one table, Double Surface is two tables for one match etc)

           *Tip: If two teams have one default location (home bar) only create one table. For three or four teams, two tables.

What are Double, Triple and Quadruple tables?

         3. How many surfaces do you want to add?

        4. Start at number? (If you put 1, the system will name the tables, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.

        5. Ok.

B. Click on the Plus to Add one table at a time.

To REMOVE surfaces:

1. Select the surface

2. Click on the trash can.

*Tip: Select multiple surfaces at a time by holding Ctrl and selecting the surfaces you want. Then Trash Can.

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