Go to Menu> Manage > Brackets/Round-Robins > Round-Robins:

*To set your score sheet you must have a Round-Robin created.

1. Select the Round-Robin.

2. Pencil to Edit.

3. Click on the Score Input Section.

Score Input Section: (See text below image)

1. Opponent Automatic Score is Activated: Check the box if you want the system to fill the winner box automatically. For ex. If you put a 2 in the loser points box, the system will automatically put a 10 in the winner's point box.

2. Opponent Automatic Score Value: What is the value to put in the winner box automatically?

3. Opponent will receive the balance of the automatic score: It means that if you put a 4 in one of the game boxes on the scoresheet, the system will put a 6 in the other box. Because the total is 10 therefor the system gives the difference to the other players.

For ex: 17 point system, put 17 in automatic score value and max score per game, check the balance box, if you put a 5 in one box the system will give 12 in the opponents points box.

4. Max Score Per Game: Insert what the max score is per game.

5. Validate score on score sheet: Check the box if you want the system to validate if there are errors on the score sheet. This will make the points box light up in red if the two opponent boxes don't add up. See image below: The matching point boxes both have a 10. The system detects that that can't be.

6. Score sheet type: Find your score sheet on the list. Then click on Click Here to Preview score sheet to make sure it's the right one with the proper rotation.

*** If you can't find your score sheet, send an email to CompuSport with a picture of the score sheet you use. We will help you find it or create it if it doesn't exist.

7. Values that will be available on score sheet : Select from the list the feats you want to make available on the scoresheet drop down. What you choose on the list will appear on the score sheet. (See image below)

What is a ERO, Break & Run and Table Run?

What is an 8 on break, 9 on break and 10 on break?

Handicap Settings

8. Field to show in handicap on score sheet: What value do you want to appear in the Avg/Hdcp box on the score sheet for each player?

For ex. Average. (Points divided by games played)

9. Number of full night a player must have to use a handicap: If you don't want to use a current average, right away put the number of nights you want to wait until that number shows up automatically in the box.

10. Field to use for handicap on score sheet if not enough matches: If you want to use a different value for a certain amount of weeks/nights before starting to use the Current Average for example Choose which value you want to use.

*A common value is using "Custom Value 1" found under (Menu > Manage > Players/Teams> Players) which you use to insert a last year average which you want to use for 2, 3 weeks before using this year's average.

11. Minimum handicap a player can have: Insert minimum handicap if applicable.

12. Maximum handicap a player can have: Insert maximum handicap if applicable.

13. Calc method for team handicap on score sheet: Means, what method do you want to use to give a handicap. This way, the system can calculate automatically what handicap to give to the team.

*Most common used is : Sum each player's stat and give balance to other team. Meaning that you add players averages together, find the difference between the two teams, and give that balance to the lower team.

For ex: Home team total 32, away team total 30: 32-30=2. Give 2 point handicap to the team with a 30 handicap total. Per round.

14. Maximum handicap per round: Insert if you have a max handicap you give away to the other team.

15. Handicap decimal count for each player: How many numbers after the decimal do you want? (0= 8, 1=8,5, 2=8.52)

16. Total handicap decimal count : How many numbers after the decimal do you want for the handicap total. (Ex. 0= 2, 1= 2.1, 2= 2.13)

Round Points/Winner Section

17. Calc method for round points (Team): Who gets the Round Point if any?

18. Points per round : How many points does the winner of the round get?

19. Calc method for automatic winner (Team) : Who wins the match? The team with the most points/score, wins, round-points etc?

20. Save.