You have a league that all the teams play against each other but some teams are at a higher level then the other. You would like for them to have their own separate statistics.

Go to (Menu > Manage > Statistics/Standings > Stats/Standing Grouping)

1. Choose the Team section.

2. Click on the Plus to create a new group.

3. Name your group.

4. Select which Bracket/Chart you want to grab stats from.

5. Go to Advanced section.

6. Click on Select Values (For split division, choose teams for group)

7. Select all the teams that you want together in a Statistic group.

REPEAT*** from Step 2 to create your other half. (For ex: Upper/Lower, Gold 1/Gold 2)

*** You can choose to use the already existing group that is "All teams together" (created by default) to make one of your split groups. OR keep it to have an all together Statistics page, Plus two separated. (ALL, Upper and Lower)

Note: You can keep your All together group but have it hiding from the players by unchecking Public Display.

Informative video on the stats/standing grouping