When creating tables or boards. The system will ask you if you want to create Single, Double, Triple or Quadruple services.

Double means that they system will create a group of tables combined together. A table called 1 and 2. Meaning that table 1 and table 2 in the room are grouped together and will be used for one match. One match being played on two tables.

Therefore, Triple meaning a group of 3 tables together, Quadruple is 4 tables grouped together.

Groupings can be changed. (For ex: Table 3,8 and 9 together) All depends on how your room is laid out.

In a tournament, the system will be able to detect that table 6 is being used in a singles bracket and won't assign Group Table 6 and 7, since Table 6 in that group isn't available.

In a league, you can create single surfaces but only create 1 table for bars with two teams.

1 team = 1 table

2 teams = 1 table

3 teams = 2 tables

4 teams = 2 tables.