The grid is a setting which appears on many pages on CompuSport.

The grid looks like this:

And is found along with the Pencil to Edit, the Trash Can, The Export to Excel Icon and the Magnifying glass.

What does the Grid do?

The grid is the list of all the possible columns that are available on each specific page.

You can decide to show or hide some columns and you can change the order of the columns.

These settings are saved and specific to your account. When you come back in, it is left the way you last set it. Another user might be on the same Event and see his own order settings to his account.

1. To Show or Hide: You add or remove the Eye Ball.

For ex (Green arrow): I removed the Eyeball for Player count. Which means that once I save, the Player column will no longer appear on my page.

2. To change the order the columns appear in: Grab the column name and drag and drop it where you want. OR Select it and use the arrows up or down.