When you type a player's name in the Find Player, or adding him to a roster and you see his name is there multiple times. You can make a Merge Request.

Go to Menu > Statistics/Standings > Tournaments & Leagues History.

1. Type the player's name in the Find Player box. 

2. Select all the names that you know are the same player.

*Hint: If you spell the full name, your list will remain and you can click on the next name you want to select.

3. Click on Send a Merge Request.

Once you click on Send Merge Request, it will ask you for a reason or special note.

This is where you can specify if it's a married name and which one to keep or which spelling to keep.

CompuSport will receive this request and will be able to treat it in a faster manner.

Thank you for helping us keep the Database Player List clean.