How to activate the newsfeed on the home page

On a new event

The newsfeed is automatically activated on all new events created.

On an existing event

If you already have content displayed on the home page, you can activate the newsfeed by clicking the button New version at the top of the home page.

Note that it's possible to deactivate the newsfeed, but only for a limited time as it will eventually become permanent. To do so, click on the button Old version at the top of the home page.

Manage posts

The home page now allows administrators of an event to create posts that are displayed in its newsfeed.

Create a New Post

All administrators of an event can post on the home page. You can include a title, some text, videos, images and/or files to your post. Once you click the save button, your post will be published.

Manage the visibility of your posts

A published post is immediately visible to the members of an event until it is deleted.

It is however possible to modify the visibility of a post by scheduling its publication and/or its disappearance.

Schedule the Publication

You can select a date on which your post will be automatically published using the Schedule publication option.

Your post will not be visible by anyone but you and the administrators of your event until that date.

Schedule the Disappearance

You can select a date when your post disappears from the newsfeed with the Schedule disappearance option. From this date, the post will be visible only by you.

Note that when the disappearance date is reached, it will not be deleted. It will simply not be visible anymore. You’ll then be able to modify or delete it.

Edit a Published Post

All the administrators of an event can edit all of its posts. The posts that you can edit will display a menu in the top right corner. This menu allows you to edit, pin or delete your post. If there's not a menu on the top right corner of the post, it means you don't have the rights to edit it.

Filter the posts displayed on your newsfeed

Event administrators can filter the posts they see by clicking on the navigation tabs at the top of the newsfeed.

The 3 available filters are:

  • To me - The posts addressed to me sent directly from CompuSport. (New features, important information, etc.)

  • From me - The posts I created

  • All - All the posts

Note that the players of an event cannot filter the displayed posts. By default, they see all posts intended for them. That is, all posts created by an event administrator.

Manage advertising

You can include advertising posts within the newsfeed. They are displayed in between regular posts.

You can access the advertising management page by clicking on the Advertising button at the top of the newsfeed.

Create an advertising post

An advertisement must contain an image and a title. It can also contain a description and an URL to which users are redirected when they click on the image.

Grouping many advertisements in the same post

If some advertisements have the same order, they are grouped together.

An advertising post can contain up to 4 advertisements. If there’s more than that, 4 of them will be randomly selected.

Note that if you include more than 1 advertisement in a post, users will have to click once on the image to open it in full screen, and once again to access the website you advertised. To keep it as efficient as possible, you should include only 1 advertisement per post.