Did you know that you can have different statistics standings for different leagues?

You can create different templates for each league:

Go to Menu > Manage > Statistics/Standings > Stats Model Editor.

By default, the system already has a Model for Players and a Model for Teams.

But you can create more models by selecting Model for Players or Model for Teams and clicking on Duplicate. This will copy your model that already existed (this way you aren't starting from scratch) and making the necessary changes.

Or if you want to start a brand new one. Click on the Plus above Model for Players and Model for teams.

Choose the stats you want for the specific model. 

Rank that model.

Then click on Navigate to Stat Group and specify which model you want to use for each league.

*Navigate to stat group is the same place as Manage > Statistics/Standings > Stats/Standing Grouping.

Specify which model you want for each league

1. Go to Teams or Players

2. Select the division.

3. Click the Pencil to Edit.

4. Change the Model of Statistics you want to use.

5. Save.

You can even decide that you want two stat models/templates for one division.

Under Manage > Statistics/Standings > Stats/Standing Grouping.

1. Go to Teams or Players 

2. Create a group by clicking on the Plus.

3. Name the group

4. Choose which league/division under Bracket/Charts.

5. Choose which Model of Statistics you want to use.

6. Public display: when using two different stats templates/models for one league, it is often because the League Manager wants to see stats that they don't want to show the players. So you would most likely have one Stat Group public for the players, and one that the Public display is off. Only the admin can see those stats under Menu > Statistics/Standings.