You can include advertising posts within the newsfeed. They are displayed in between regular posts.

You can access the advertising management page by clicking on the Advertising button at the top of the newsfeed.

Go to Menu > Manage > Event > Advertising


Go to Menu > Manage > Event > Event Home Page > Advertising.

1. Click on the Plus to add a new advertisement.

2. Add a title

3. You can choose to add text in the description.

4. You can add a URL if you want a clickable link.

How to add links.

5. Make Active.

6. Order number

How to manage the order.

7. Select an image by clicking on the image box.

How to add an image.

8. Save.

To add more advertising, click on the Plus and restart the process.

Once it is made Active and Saved. The advertising will be seen in the Newsfeed.