You can sanction players for your association.

First you want to make sure your divisions are associated to the proper Associations you need. You can sanction the same division for multiple Associations.

Under Menu > Manage > Event > Event.

Select your event.

Click on Pencil to edit.

Check all the associations you need.

Then go to Menu > Manage > Divisions > Divisions.

Select each division,

Click on the Pencil to edit.

Go to the Sanctioning Section.

    *Make sure you have all the right Associations checked. This will ensure they are showing on the Player Sanction sections.         If not, they won't be available to select for sanctioning.

    *You can also use a Auto Sanction tool that sanctions automatically after a certain amount of matches played (Number         match.)

    If you don't use the Auto Sanction, the system will indicate that they have enough matches played to be sanctioned based on your Nb. Match indicated. It will say "Should be sanctioned" under the Player Sanction section.

Go to Player Sanctions (Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Player Sanctions)

1. Select the Association you want to sanction for.

2. To help filter, you can choose the Division you want to sanction.

3. Check the Is Sanctioned check box.

The date will be stamped automatically to the date you check the box.

Once you are done sanctioning (You can always come back and sanction more later).

*For VNEA sanctions, you don't need to export a file to send it in. They will automatically be sent to the VNEA Portal.

How to Auto Sanction

How to Export Sanctioned Players