The Continuous Play tool is used to assign times and surfaces to matches.

To set up your Continuous Play, go to Menu > Manage > Schedule/Charts > Continuous Play.

1. Click on Add/Remove Kiosk 

2. A pop up will appear, click on the plus button

3. Add a title in the Title box

4. Check or uncheck Allow inter team member conflict box, checking the box allows the system to assign a TEAM match even if the player is already playing another match.

5. Click on Save

6. Click on the Pencil to edit

7. Fill in the information

8. Check or uncheck Prevent the assignment of the same surface for opponents in "continuous play" mode box, the match will not be assigned (in the same bracket) if one of the two opponents played their previous match on the surface that is available

9. Click on Save

2.  Set you Brackets/Surfaces

1.Click on Brackets

2. Check your brackets/charts box to include them

3. Click on Save and Close

4. Click on Surfaces

5. Check the boxes you want to include

6. Set up your priorities in the Order column

7. Click Save and Close

You can create as many kiosks and groups as you would like. It is necessary to create multiple groups if you want brackets to start at different times.