You want to create another stat group to separate your first half and second half.

Having Round Points stat fresh mid season, play offs or positioning round for example.

Basically this can be used anytime you want to split your stats for one same league.

Go to Stats/Standing Grouping (Menu > Manage > Stats/Standings > Stats/Standing Grouping).

1. Go to Teams

2. Create a group by clicking on the Plus.

3. Name your group with the league name and add Second Half for example.

4. Select which brackets/chart/league you want to grab stats from.

5. Go to Advanced section.

6. Enter the start and end date for stats. OR just for Round Points.

You should have a group called First Half. With the start date of your league to when you want it to cut off.

Then have a second half group that has from cut off date to end date.

If you want to have a group with the Total of both. You can create a third group and not have a start and end it. It would grab all stats.

Repeat the steps if you want to split stats for players/singles/individual stats by going to the Player tab and repeating the steps!