You want to run a Blind Draw tournament where players register on site and you don't want to use our system to schedule the surfaces. This step by step is considering you already created your event and that you already told the system how many surfaces you have.

How to set up your

Blind Draw League of Tournament.

Your event is already created, your boards/tables are ready.

Step 1: Go to Divisions (Menu > Manage > Division > Division)

  • Click on the plus to add a division.
  • Name your division, choose a color, team/single, Save.

Step 2:   Go to Players (Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Players)

  • Select the Division you are registering players for.
  • Type the name of the players in the Search & Add Player.
  • Choose the already existing players as much as possible, if not Add them.


  • Once All players are added, Click on the Create Shuffled Teams.
    • Click on Random
    • Number of players per team.
    • Click on Shuffle. Save.

Step 3: Go to Bracket (Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Brackets)

  • Click on the Plus to add a Bracket.
  • Choose the Division you want to associate to the Bracket.
  • Choose a Bracket Format: ex: Double Elimination 8, Double Elimination 16, etc.
    1. Do not choose brackets that say (# out) those are to link to other brackets.
  • Save.

Step 4: Go to Fill Up Brackets & RRB (Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin, Fill Up Brackets & RRB)

  • Choose the Division
  • Select a METHOD to shuffle. (Random)
  • Click on Try Shuffle.
  • Click on Accept Results.

Step 5: Go to Charts (Menu > Manage > Schedule/Charts > Charts (Brackets/RRB)

  • Choose the Division.
  • Click in the middle of a match (Between the two teams)
    1. Options, Edit Surface, Select Board you want to schedule.
  • To Set Winner: Click on the team click on Set as Winner.
  • In case you Set the Wrong winner, erase the name of the winner that moved forward.