If you want to separate your players into a General list and Spare list to determine who has a certain percentage of games played.

Go to Stats/Standing Grouping, (Menu >Manage > Stats/Standing > Stats/Standing Grouping)

1. Select Players,

2. Select the league, 

3. Pencil to edit, 

4. Advanced section,

5.Check the box Put Spare/Sub in a different section,

6. Put 50%* for example for the Sub/Spare Ratio*,

7. Save,

*Ratio: The number you insert in the box, is the percentage of the games played.

Everyday, the system looks at how many games are played overall in that league. Then anyone with 50% of those games played will be considered in the regular section. Anyone with less, falls in a section called spares.

For example: If in your division, you have 5 weeks played, 10 games per week. You are at 50 games played. If you say 50% in the box, anyone with 25 games played will be a regular player.

Following week, you are at 60 games played, 50% will be anyone with 30 games played.

**Floating Spare automatically overrides ratio;

Setting players' status as regulars or spares also overrides ratio.

How to set player status