Once you are logged in and associated all your player profiles to your account; You will arrive to the Frontpage.

What do you mean by associate player profiles?

If you said It's me to the right player.

Your league should be in your Current League section:

If it is not there, you can click on Find a League and search for your league by name.

Once you click on your league,

Your matches will be the first on top:

Click on Enter Score.

Click on Enter Score Again: (or scoresheet)

Your scoresheet will open, you can start entering names, points, ERO's. Whatever is needed.

Once that is filled, click on Send for Approval.

This will send it to the opposing team for approval. (This option is optional) It might say: Finish Match.

The opposing team will need to approve the match.

It will be at the same place, they open up the scoresheet, verify it. Approve or reject.