Managing your league on CompuSport has many benefits.

1. Because it is web based, you can access your league from anywhere. It is not downloaded on one specific computer.

2. The CompuSport system also has an app for players to access the information easily. (schedule, stats, entering results, rules, notifications)

3. You can create a schedule with our power scheduler which aims for equal home and away matches, evenly distributed matches to the locations and/or tries to balance the tables being used (in house league).

4. You can customize your online singles and team stats pages by choosing which stats you show in the order you want. You can also push it further with Combined, first half, second half, etc.

5. You can customize reports (same idea as online stats) and print them out.

6. A manager has access to "Waiting scoresheets" to fill team scoresheets or even better, let your players fill out their own scoresheets, this saves time and effort, in addition to players that love getting results faster.

7. If you need to sanction your players for an association, you have the tool available to sanction your players directly on CompuSport or by sending it in manually to your association.

8. Save time by no longer running around by allowing players to pay their weekly fees, registration fees, sanction fees and other fees directly from the app.

9By using CompuSport, you are also solidifying your player's CSR (Rating System) as they will have stronger stars and more accurate rates.