A league costs 3$ per player for one full year. We only charge for regular players not subs.

A player is considered regular when he has played 20% or 6 matches.

A player can play in multiple divisions in your league for 3$ total. (Ex. Monday night league and Wednesday night league, Fall league, winter league under the same event)

The league tools include:

A powerful scheduler;

Customizable stats;

Customizable reports;

Scoresheets filled out online by the manager to automatically update stats;


League schedule, stats, reports online or on the app to access it from anywhere.

All for $3 per player for one full year.

The basic fee of 3$ has a cap fee at 1250$

Additional/Optional tools:

Player Scorekeepers: 1$ per player, no cap* 
Player scorekeeping, so players fill out their own score sheets online.

League Fees Online Payment Tool: 2$ per player, no cap*
Players can pay their fees directly online with their credit card and it goes straight to a an account set up by the manager.
You can also accept cash money.
Keep track of all money coming in with reports available.

* We charge for ALL regular players, not just the ones actually using it. We do this to put a fair price to the tool you are using, the time it saves that the players are doing it themselves.