Go to Event (Menu > Manage > Event > Event)

1. Select your event

2. Click on Pencil to Edit

3. Go to Image section.

4. Click on the Question mark, or old logo of yours.

A window with Select a file or Capture via Webcam will appear.

Choose if you want to download a file or Capture a photo.

Select a file: Find the file saved on your computer.

What is inside the scare is what will appear as your event logo.

1. Is used to rotate your picture to the right.

2. The 4 arrows Icon: is to put the picture inside the scare.

3. Is used to rotate your picture to the left.

4. Move the scare over the section you want.

5.  Change the size of the scare is necessary.

6. Zoom as needed.

7. Preview your logo.

8. Confirm to save and make your logo official.