If you see a Red Exclamation Mark in the Is Finished column it means there is an issue with the match.

If you haven't see the red exclamation marks, you can also check the Conflict option to make sure all is good.

Go to Calendar (Menu > Manage > Schedule/Charts > Calendar)

1. Click on Conflicts.

This will show you matches that have conflicts.

You can then find the match and see why it's tagged as a Conflict.

Reasons why there is a conflict:

-Two matches on the same surface at the same time.

-A team is scheduled twice at the same time.

-A member of a team is also scheduled to play in a singles bracket.

-Same player playing on two teams is scheduled at the same time.
-A bracket match is scheduled before the previous match that should be played. (Ex. A match in Round 3 is schedule before a match in Round 2)

-A Player tagged to be in a wheelchair, is not on surface wheelchair accessible.