If you click on I'm a Player.

The system will then ask you to "merge" all your player profiles together.

Over the years, league coordinators and tournament directors sometimes created brand new players that might of been you, instead of re-using your already existing player name. In order to give an accurate rating and improve your user experience please say Yes to all the events you played in.

Every time your name is entered in a new event, you will be asked to confirm that it's really you.

If you are unsure about one of the profiles, you can say No. You will be able to come back to this later as well.

Once you associated all your player profiles together you will arrive to your frontpage.

How to scorekeep on the new app. : CompuSport (freshdesk.com)

Oups!!! You skipped through the "I'm a player" process?!!? Follow these steps:

How to merge other events or player profiles you played in the past. : CompuSport (freshdesk.com) 

Check out your To Dos (Fill Up Scoresheets, upload a picture, pay your League Fees)

or your Current Events for stats and schedules.