If you want to create shuffled teams better known as Blind Draw, we have a tool to help you do that.

This tool has multiple shuffling methods:

  • It can shuffle randomly;
  • It can shuffle in a Custom Pattern. (You indicate what pattern you want, a common used one is by gender, if you want to put one Male and one Female together for example.) Or you want to put an A & B together. )
  • It can shuffle by balancing the skills with a ranting, a PPD or MPR for example will it will try to make equally levelled teams.
  • And lastly, a create all team possibilities. (Ex: it will match John with all other patterns in the division)

                                                *More details about the methods below.

In order to create Shuffled Teams your division (teams) must be created and the players inserted into the division.

How to create your division

How to add players to a division

When you are ready to shuffle your teams

  1. Go to Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Players.
  2. Choose the Division you want to shuffle.
  3. Click on Create Shuffled teams.
  4. Choose a Method to create teams.

Depending on the method, the system will ask for the Field you want to use to do the shuffle.

The information needs to be available under Players (Menu > Manage > Players. (Gender, Custom Values, or Custom Text Value)

Click on Shuffle.

NEW: You can now shuffle your bracket right from here.

First the bracket must be created in order for it to work from here. And if need be, you need to change the bracket size under Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Brackets.

Not ready to shuffle teams onto the bracket :     Uncheck the Also Fill Up Brackets 

                                                                        And Accept Results.

Yes I want to fill the bracket : Make sure the Also Fill Up Brackets is checked.

  1. If yes, Choose a method to insert the teams into the bracket.
  2. Choose a field to use to Fill the Bracket if necessary.
  3. Accept Results.

IF you happen to enter more players into the division after it was already shuffled.

Enter your new players into the division (Under Menu > Manage > Players/Teams > Players. Choose Division)

Click on Create Shuffled Teams.


It will re-shuffle teams and re-fill the bracket.

More information on 

Methods to create shuffled teams : Custom Patterns

If you choose to shuffle with a custom pattern: The system will ask you which field you want to use. 

The information needs to be available under Players (Menu > Manage > Players. (Gender, Custom Values, or Custom Text Value)

A new box will appear and it will ask you what pattern you want.

If it's Gender, it wants to know if you want to put Male and Female together. Once all Male and Female are together, what is the next acceptable match up.

For example: First match ups:                    0= M,F

If no more Males&Females, match up       1= F,F

Or if you gave levels to players like A, B and C under Custom Text Value:

First match ups can be either A,B or A,C     0= A,B


Once all the A & B or A & C are matched up, what is a second level of acceptable match ups if any: 1=B,C

Basically, you tell the system the first pattern you want by writing 0= (insert pattern here)

Then if there is a second pattern that is acceptable after all patterns from 0= are used up, write 1= (insert pattern here)

And so on.