When creating your schedule with the Generate Schedule tool, if you want to add positioning rounds, you want to count them into the weeks you make available. Once all your dates are in, you "reserve" the date so that the system doesn't schedule anything on that night.

For example, a league with 10 teams, needs 9 weeks to play everyone once, so after 9 weeks of play, I insert a position round. In this example, I also inserted Holidays, which means I had to count some extra dates in to be able to skip over those holidays and positioning rounds.

How to add a "reserved date"

*This has to be done before your schedule is generated (if schedule is already generated : How to add special dates)

Before the schedule is generated:

Go to Menu > Manage > Schedules/Charts > Surfaces Scheduler > Generate Schedules > Click on Options > Recurring dates > ADD RECURRING DATES. Select Start and End dates.

Once the dates are listed, click on the date, Pencil to edit. Check the Reserved date checkbox. Insert a comment.

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