To set up your tournament, you need a computer that has access to the internet. (Laptops are best because they are easier to travel to the location with, but not a must).

We call that computer the "Manager" computer.

If you want to use a scanner and printer (for match cards) at the tournament. We STRONGLY suggest using a second computer for a "scanning station".

For each scanning station:

  • Scanner: Honeywell Xenon 1900 USB. It's a QR code scanner, not barcode. Make sure it's USB. (This is the scanner we have tested; we cannot guarantee any other scanner will work)
    • We strongly suggest getting the stand that goes with it.
  • Computer: Any type of computer with Windows 10.

 *Depending on the size of the tournament, some prefer to have two scanning stations.

Scanning Paperless option: No printer, no scanner needed! Players are scorekeepers on the app, they advance themselves directly on their phones. This sends a Winner and Loser notification to ensure the information was put it properly. The action of setting the winner replaces the scanner and match cards.

*** Important: While using player scorekeeper, we STRONGLY suggest running the Print and Scan tool (not to print or scan, but to get your local backup of the brackets in case you lose internet access). You open the print and scan tool, log in, choose your tournament. Don't click Start Printing. Just let it be. If you lose internet. you can

*Yes, you can use both options at the same time. You can force print the match cards you need and have them scan. While most of your players are using their phones. This seems to be used as a transition to get rid of the scanner/match cards.