How to Shuffle your bracket and set up the Continuous Play scheduling tool

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to How to Shuffle your bracket and set up the scheduling tool called Continuous Play.

Go to

1. Click here

Select your tournament

Click here

2. Click here

Click the selected button called Menu

Click here

3. Click "Brackets"

Go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Brackets

Click 'Brackets'

4. Click on your bracket

Select your bracket

Click 'VNEA European Pool Championships 2023'

5. Click here

Click on the Pencil to edit.

Click here

6. Select the bracket format dropdown

Choose the Double Elimination 128 (2,4,6 out) if you want the bracket to end with the people coming out, they don't play each other. The bracket would finish with two, four or six people that are going into another finals bracket.

Click 'Double elimination 128 (2 out)'

7. Choose Double Elimination 128

If you want just one winner, choose the "Double elimination 128" option (with NO 2,4,6 out) at the end. This will make the loser side come to the winner side and play against each other to have one winner.

Click 'Double elimination 128'

8. Click "Save"

Select the option to "Save"

Click 'Save'


9. Click here

Go back to Menu

Click here

10. Click "Fill Up Brackets & RRB"

Navigate to the "Fill Up Brackets & RRB" section, this tool is to shuffle the players on your list onto the actual bracket.

Click 'Fill Up Brackets & RRB'

11. Click here

Click on the dropdown

Click here

12. Click here

Select the division you want to shuffle.

Click here

13. Select a method of shuffling

Choose how you want to shuffle the players onto the bracket. Do you want it to be random, do you want to seed them by the city for example, this way they don't want someone they know, or high vs high, high vs low, etc. (if you use anything else than random, the information has to be inserted under players or teams, either city, ranking, etc for the system to use that information to seed well.

Select a method of shuffling

14. Insert TBA's (optional)

If you want to put a few TBA (TBA means To Be Announced) spots on the bracket, you can choose how many you want to insert. This is good if you want to leave a few spots for last minute registrations. Or else, the rest will automatically be Byes. TBA's will let the opponent know that they MIGHT get an opponent. Compared to players who will see they have a Bye.

Insert TBA's (optional)

15. Click here

Click on Try Shuffle, on the right you will see the layout of how they will be inserted on the bracket.

Click here

16. Click here

Click on Accept Results (once you click on Accept Results) it makes the bracket line up official, if you have to make changes, you will have to delete the opponents from the bracket and restart the shuffling process. 

*To delete the opponents, you have to go to Menu > Manage > Brackets/Round-Robin > Brackets. Select the bracket. Click on Display More Options. Click on Remove opponents from Bracket.

Click here

17. Click here

Navigate to the bracket to see what it looks like.

Click here

18. Click "Charts (Brackets/RRB)"

Navigate to "Charts (Brackets/RRB)"

Click 'Charts (Brackets/RRB)'

19. Zoom in and out

You can zoom in and out and scroll to see the names on the bracket

Zoom in and out

20. Find TBA 1

In this example, I made a few TBA's, you can see there are TBAs and Byes on the bracket. If you get a late entry, you can click on TBA1 and replace it by a player. TBAs are strategically placed where players would of went if shuffled. If you get a second entry, choose TBA 2 and so on.

Find TBA 1

21. For your information

If you don't want to shuffle them, another option is to insert them manually into the bracket directly.

For your information

22. Enter team or player name

If you already have your teams or players into the divisions this will ease the entry into the bracket. Plus eliminates creating junk and duplicates.

Enter team or player name

Prepare your scheduling tool

23. Next step is to prepare your scheduling tool

Click on the Menu

Next step is to prepare your scheduling tool

24. Click "Continuous Play"

Navigate to "Continuous Play". Continuous Play is a tool that will select the next available match (in a priority order) and assign them a time and a surface. Players receive a notification on the CompuSport app every time a time and surface are assigned to them.

Click 'Continuous Play'

25. Click on Add/Remove Kiosks

Name the kiosk by the day or the type of bracket. A tournament with a lot of bracket might enjoy making a kiosk for every day of the tournament, this way, you can filter to see the brackets of the day.

Click on Add/Remove Kiosks

26. Click here

In the pop up, click on the Plus to create a Kiosk.

Click here

27. Insert name

In this example, there is one singles bracket, therefor I named it singles, but as mentioned earlier, if could be Friday, Saturday, Sunday specially when you have multiple brackets on the same day.

Insert name

28. Click "Save"

Click on the "Save" field

Click 'Save'

29. Click "Close"

Select the option to "Close"

Click 'Close'

30. Click "+/- Brackets"

In the group (a box), click on the "+/- Brackets" button to insert which brackets you want to use.

Click '+/- Brackets'

31. Click here

Select the brackets you want.

Click here

32. Click "SaveAndClose"

Click "SaveAndClose"

Click 'SaveAndClose'

33. Click "+/- Surfaces"

Click on "+/- Surfaces" to add the surfaces you want the brackets to use. The system will only assign the surfaces in the group.

Click '+/- Surfaces'

34. Right click the column title "Include"

This is to select multiple surfaces at once. (Or manually select one by one the surfaces you want to use)

Right click the column title 'Include'

35. Click "Check all"

Select the "Check all" option, this will select all the surfaces.

Click 'Check all'

36. Click "SaveAndClose"

Choose the "SaveAndClose" option

Click 'SaveAndClose'

37. Click here

Select the pencil to insert the date and time of this group.

Click here

38. Click here

Navigate to this section

Click here

39. Select the date

Select the date

Select the date

40. Click here

Select the start time, 

Click here

41. Make sure you select AM or PM properly

Select the hour, make sure you select AM or PM properly. 

Make sure you select AM or PM properly

42. Select the minutes

Select the minutes

Select the minutes

43. Check or uncheck

Choose if want to the system to hold off assigning a surface to a player that just played on this surface. Or assign it anyway cause you don't have the luxury of slowing down your tournament if you do so. Tournaments with limited surfaces and time will not use the option to Prevent the assigned.

Check or uncheck

44. Click "Save"

Click on Save.

Click 'Save'

This guide covered the steps to How to Shuffle your bracket and set up the scheduling tool called Continuous Play.